Forex League Public Webinar June 28, 2020 (Premium Signals)

Here are all the questions answered:

1. How to set tp and when to enter?

2. Does it matter if we catch the signals a little late?

3. What advice would you give someone who’s been blowing their account?

4. How can you tell when a trade is going through pullback?

5. How many accounts have you blown up(if any). Before starting to make a living from forex trading.

6. How do you know where to set your sell/buy limits/stops

7. Is it wise to continue using signals that are not going in your favour?

8. How many years have you been trading? And what is your confidence level ?

9. What is your entry strategy ?

10. How to know when a big move is a fake out ?

11. When trading how do you start thinking like the banks?

12. How do you know if you should exit a trade?

13. Best fib levels?

14. Why do u use a high stoploss? without considering people with a small account

15. How many pips do you average in your signal room weekly ?

16. What qualities do you think make a good Trader?

17. will signals make me successful in the long term ?

18. If I have the slightest doubts with your signal, should I still take it and why?

19. What is the key point that separates beginners from intermediate traders

20. Which Account balance do You recommend AT LEAST to trade your signals properly
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